Guarding Princess is the tale of one care-free little girl named Princess Carista. Nobody really knows whether she's truly a princess or not. Maybe she is, maybe she isn't. Her friends neither mind nor care, and all for a very good reason: they have even bigger things to worry about...
"I love picnics!"
A delightfully strange child who views the world as her own personal playground. She merrily approaches every moment with reckless abandon and boundless cheer. No one questions why. No one dares.
"I'm ready for my close up!"
A boy who may have certain feelings for a certain girl. Extremely loyal to his friends and steadfast against adversities (especially his sister). He is very determined to right every wrong, but only after his favorite cartoons.
"This is serious!"
A down-to-earth potato farm boy with a high-in-the-clouds imagination. Nary a day is dull or a homework is done when it comes to this daydreaming master of make-believe. A true pioneer in upgrading reality.
"Best of five!"
A ribbon-haired bespectacled girl who likes to take charge, especially in matters concerning Princess. She likes to consider herself as the unofficial boss of their ragtag group whether they want one or not.
"The Internet must not be used for evil!"
A clever girl who may be too clever for her own good. She likes building machines in her not-so-secret basement laboratory. Unfortunately, she is also terrible at naming them.