Welcome to the Super Fun Zone!

Greetings, dear appreciator of shenanigans! I'm very glad that you've somehow managed to stumble your way to this here comic thing. Guarding Princess is a comic I've started a long time ago but have repeatedly put on hold due to life's other annoying plans. If you're familiar with the old Guarding Princess, then you'd remember that there were over a hundred strips done before I took down the site back in the early '00s (sometimes, you simply get lost and find your threads worn down from spinning your wheels endlessly in the bog).

However, Guarding Princess is a story close and dear to my heart and I've decided to give it another try. But this time things would be a little different. Year 1 of the new Guarding Princess is completely finished and as long as the internet gods decide to look the other way around, the site will simply churn out the pages like clockwork, no problem. Until the end of 2015 of course. By then it's off to year 2. So fear not, relax, and enjoy the show!